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Blue Jay Way: Sim's GTi 180 "Back to Life"
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#16: Re: Blue Jay Way: Sim's GTi 180 "Back to Life" Author: Sim, Location: West Country PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:45 pm
Holidays done and dusted, time to get back on and in the cars!

Last time we left off at Pugfest where we had a blast, a pic after prepping VorTechS' 308 GTi and a hibernating Flamenco Red 180 in the background

Earlier that day Chris Mullins decided to do a quick job outside their workshop, so I didn't have to wait the whole queue!

This month was a no-brainer to sort out the harsh ride.
Seeing how stiff the previous owner's FK adjustable suspension was, I've put the blame of the unbearable rattle and clanging even on the slightest of potholes to the offside shock absorber, it was as if a rod's been welded in place of the suspension strut, so I'd thought the shock was shot (read dry).
Also coming from the experience of having fitted AVO adjustables on the HDi, one can barely do the "rock the boat" move, car's front just moves side-to-side when on such static suspension.

The missing wishbone's bush metal housing (see previous post) only reinforced my theory, and so I finally splurged out on the long-ago planned Eibach springs

They're even TÜV approved, but I still wouldn't be able to cross into Germany because of this Very Happy C'mon Germans, why are you clamping down on the modified scene? Wink

The 30mm difference translates to the promised 15-20mm drop once in situ

(If you ask why I didn't go with a 30mm drop at front -- GTi 180 already comes lower from factory compared to others)

Discovered top mount bearings were barely holding themselves together

The turret itself has given some confidence in the car not being k-rusty

A bit of German

With a bit of German

(this plastic ABS cable holder bracket is actually from Pez many months ago, as you see everything eventually finds its use, cheers buddy!)

And yet the rumbling didn't go away..... Evil or Very Mad Silver lining: I planned on fitting Eibachs regardless, and in an unforeseeable future complementing them with some damping+rebound adjustable shock absorbers.

It was something else grumbling in the engine bay, was so inconclusive, that all sorts of explanations were going through my head, from a loose driveshaft intermediate bearing, to broken off exhaust manifold -- tests revealed that the grumble is pronounced only on potholes when the engine is running!..

Then after a lot of headache experiments, at certain point I could reproduce it while slightly pressing down on the engine, the rest of the car starts to shake -- engine mount it is! And whaddaya know...

I should've looked there in the first place! (lesson learned Razz )

Revealed some surface rust underneath

Sanded it off and treated with

Some say, it's the best applicant for such places, the rust would never come back. We'll see about that! Wink

All's well what ends well

The car drives like a dream now, and if I'm honest, the first time in my ownership! Smile

#17: Re: Blue Jay Way: Sim's GTi 180 "Back to Life" Author: Sim, Location: West Country PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:41 pm
As I was enjoying daily rides with Blue Jay, a high-pitched whine/whistle appeared, that went along with RPMs and seemed to originate from the drive-belt/cam-belt area.

Automotive stethoscope suggested the culprit was the power steering pump. Removing it revealed a slow leak which I readily cleaned up

Decided to experiment further and got one of these 60quid aftermarket brand new ones

It turned out to be whiny as hell (same noise when a car is in reverse due to the gears meshing fully): (talking about youtube video IDs O_0)

Alas the high pitched whistle remained, and I turned my head (and got bad neck) to the drive-belt tensioner pulley, cursing and using the stubbiest tools I still lost hours while refitting it Evil or Very Mad

Small cars + big engines = love + hate relationship, after bruising your arms you yet again forget the rage once the job is done Smile

The old pulley had some gunk accrued on it in a dotted fashion, maybe cleaning that off would've just helped the whistle to go away? Who knows now! It didn't have too much play or rumbling while turning.
All in all, the new Gates tensioner pulley surely is quiet now.

Did a power steering fluid flush (in case the ebay seller tells me it's the source of their PAS whine), didn't want to disturb the low-pressure hose clip (as those tend to develop a leak like it does on the HDi and CC.
The madness was made up of plumbing the the old pump to the high pressure side, spinned it with a drill as the engine turned another pump:

(another reason to go this mental is because it's a pain to get to the bottom hose in a 180!)
And with extra pair of hands we got the fluid flushed!

The brand new el cheapo PAS pump whine was still there with a fresh fluid!! Wall Bang

Went and bought a remanufactured Elstock one for £440 (yep, you read that right)
Well that's not to say GSF do these price tricks with 60% discount thereafter.. Which becomes £260 which then drops to only £120 after you bring ye olde pump to them!

I have to say, the difference is sound!

The ebay seller has now been confronted with both of the videos, will see what they say Razz

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